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Journey In April

North Africa Mission Trip


Mark 13:10 

And the gospel must first be proclaimed to all nations.



Do you wonder what it would be like to see the bible times come alive?   Have you ever wondered what it is like in another country?

Step out onto the mission field in Africa and you will see that what you read in the bible is not just stories, its real and you are a part of it.  We have an exciting journey for you in April.

When: April 2018

Where:  This trip is part of an ongoing partnership that we have had in Africa for 12 years. God has used this partnership and our teams in mighty ways.

Who: The need for this trip is for people who love to talk, share stories, and love Jesus . Each applicant does need to be active or involved in the life of Liberty. The biggest skill set is for those who love people and want to see them know who Jesus is and be willing to serve the people of this part of Africa.

How: To apply for the trip click here.  If you have been on a trip with Liberty in the last 3 years, you can use the simple form here. 

What : To work with our partnership in reaching the Muslim community by telling and sharing the Gospel to those who have not heard it in the Africa region.  Helping the missionaries with their day to day activities and tasks, and much more.

Costs: The approximate cost of a trip: $2100 (this is dependent on the airline ticket cost)

Application Deadline: Nov 5, 2017

Harvey, Houston, and Our Response

Americans are among the most generous people on earth. Not just generous with money but also with time and effort. I have also seen that many people at our church model  generosity in incredible ways, especially when there is a real need.

As you already know there is a real need in Houston. As a Texan I am so grateful to the many of you who have asked what they can do to help those affected by hurricane Harvey.

For those who desire to help, the best way we can  at such an early stage in the recovery,  is through the donation of money. This idea is universal among people who work in the disaster relief field.  Over the years we have seen many well meaning people seeking to help by collecting supplies to take down to the flooded areas only to see that those donations being scooped up and thrown away or burned.

Here are two articles that can help explain why we recommend that people donate money instead of collecting supplies to take down to Texas.

Video ( This is the best one) Click here

Article : Cash is best. Click here to read.

In the future if people would like to go down to help then we will be putting out information about how you can do that.


Our recommendation for donating is through our Southern Baptist partners the North American Mission Board ( NAMB) or our state convention the SBCV.  100% of your money donated to either of these goes to relief efforts.

You can donate to NAMB by clicking here:   Click Here to Donate through NAMB.

You can donate through our state convention by clicking here – Click here to Donate

Baltimore Team


Some of you may not know but we have a partnership with a church in Baltimore.  This is a new church plant seeking to grow in an area that has few churches.  Liberty choir members will be conducting a music camp and working with our partnership church plant in ministering to those in the Baltimore area. They had 45 kids signed up to attend the camp which is huge.

In addition they had 6 new people come to the church Sunday due to the camp that our team was putting on this week. I guess they wanted to see what the church was like and find out more about it.

This is what our teams are all about. Seeking to come alongside a church plant to help them grow in tough areas of the country.

Please pray for our team as they minister to those who they come in contact with.  Pray for :

Fred , Jane , Kim, and Leslie.