Missions picWhat is a partnership?

Liberty places a premium on developing long term partnerships. As part of our strategy we look for people and places where we can develop a Long Term Strategic Engagement ministry. We call it LTSE .

Here are some ( not all ) of the key characteristics that we look for in our LTSE relationships.

  • Relationship: While it does not guarantee a partnership, relationship is important.
  • Theology: We always work with those who have the same theology as Liberty. We are Southern Baptist and adhere to the Baptist Faith and Message 2000.
  • Strategy : We look for those who have a similar type strategy for reaching people.
  • Equality: We look for partners who seek to allow us to engage into their work and not simply be a financial supporter of their work.
   If you would like to read more about our strategy and philosophy you can do so here.


North Africa*

In 1999 Liberty voted to adopt a people in the Sub Sahara region of North Africa. Adoption to us means that we stick with this Unreached People Group until there is a viable multiplying church movement among this people group. At the time of our adoption there was 1 known believer among 1.5 million people. Today we have over 200 believers located in several villages.


In 2003 Liberty engaged a people who lived high in a mountain region in Africa. Their life is one of hardship as they seek to etch out a living in a harsh mountain climate. To date there are several believers but no churches among this people group. Our task is to continue working to take the gospel to a people who have yet to fully hear about Jesus.

West Africa*

This partnership has been active for several years.  We are working with a missionary couple who have only been in country for approximately 2 years. We work with them in an English center, using English, Business, Finances and more to reach the people of this West African country.


NE Africa*

This is one of our newest partnerships working with a family from our church. This couple spent over 30 years as members of Liberty. After they became empty nesters they sold their business and took to the money to serve in this African country. Their mission is to help our missionaries in counseling, encouragement, and business strategies to reach unreached peoples.

Middle Eastern*

We are working along side missionaries who are ministering among refugees that have been displaced by war.  We have only sent out a few teams and engagement has been slow, but we are looking forward to future opportunities to work among a people who are in great need of the gospel.  We pray that God will use this partnership in ways that we could never have imagined.

El Salvadorian

Founded and run by our missionary partners Kurt  Ackermann, Sus Hijos is a registered Non Government Organization which implements projects used to serve the orphaned and abandoned children in the government and private orphanages.  He serves the communities and families of El Salvador with events, community feeding, house building and feeding the homeless.

* The specific places of these partnerships are not stated for purposes of security.

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