Liberty Loves Hampton Roads – Overview

llhr-coverLiberty Loves Hampton Roads is not about one month or a week, its about how you will be the hands and feet of Jesus.  We are encouraging all connect groups to show how much we love Hampton Roads by serving the people and the community around them. We are asking every Connect group to participate in some project(s) to show the love of Christ.

It may be a simple project like raking a neighbors leaves or mowing a lawn. It could also be much more aggressive such as helping a school in your area, putting together gift packets for those in need, or working at a local homeless shelter to help out. Whatever the need we hope that everyone will engage their community and show them that Liberty Loves Hampton Roads.


  • One goal with LLHR is that every Liberty Connect group would participate with LLHR.
  • A second goal would be that each Connect group would begin to engage their community throughout the year. 
  • Our prayer and our 3rd goal is that as a result of LLHR people would come to know Christ through your efforts and witness. 

A few more details:

  1. What: We are asking that every connect group find a project to do within their community during this week. There are several options in how to go about finding projects to participate in.
    • The first and best option is that we ask each connect group to pray, look around their community, and find their own project to work with. If you are looking for ideas of what to do you can look for here are some of our suggestions.
    • When your connect group decides on a project please let us know what you are doing by registering on the Liberty web site.
    • The second option, if a connect group cannot find anything to do, we have a list of prearranged activities that you will be able to sign up for. Our hope is that this will be a last resort for your Connect group .
    • For some, getting out into the community is difficult. We are asking those who cannot get out into the community to be our prayer partners. Prayer is super important. God can do more in answer to our prayers than all our plans combined. You can find out more about the prayer plans as the projects become available.
  2. When : All year round.  If you are in need of some projects or an idea please contact the mission’s office at 757-826-2110.