Liberty Loves Hampton Roads – Prayer

Prayellhr-coverr is such an important part of any work that we seek to do. We do not consider this a secondary work but instead primary in the outreach at Liberty. Dr. J Edwin Orr , quoting Dr. Pierson, said that all revival movements in modern history began as a work of prayer. That is what we would love to see, a revival. ( For further info on this see Dr. Orr’s speech to Campus Crusade here. While the quality of this old video is lacking the content is not)

  1. We recommend each person/group pick one or two projects to pray for.
  2. We ask that each person pray for at least 30 minutes each day for the project (s) .
  3. Please contact us to let us know what you are praying for. That way if/when we hear of answers to prayer you can also hear what God did in response to your prayers.

Here are some prayer request we ask you to consider:

  1. Pray that the Holy Spirit works ahead of time in the people our members come  in contact with so they can be receptive to the gospel.
  2. Pray that Liberty people will be bold and not shy away from telling people about Jesus.
  3. Pray that enough people will sign up to go into our community.
  4. Pray that new believers will come from this outreach effort.
  5. Pray that the Connect groups at Liberty would engage the community year round, and not just one time a year.