LLHR – Ideas for Community Projects



Below is a list of ideas that each connect group, family or individual can consider in developing a community project. Please note that we realize people are different and projects will vary based upon your preferences. If you have an idea that no one else has considered or is not listed below please let us know by emailing Christine Bethea at cbethea@libertylive.com . If in the process of developing a project you need confirmation of this event to those you are seeking to serve, you can contact us here in the missions ministry at the email above.

In the process of doing these projects please remember that we are doing this in Jesus name and we represent Him. If possible please take the opportunity to share your story of what God has done in your life with the people you meet.

  1. Mow a neighbor’s yard, sharing why you would want to do that for them.
  2. Rake a neighbors leaves.
  3. Work around a widow’s house to help fix problem areas.
  4. Offer to clean out the gutters of someone who cannot do it themselves.
  5. Ask a widow/widower you know if you can vacum & wash their car.
  6. Offer to go grocery shopping for people that have a difficult time getting out of the house. Have your connect group pay for that weeks groceries if they cannot afford a weeks worth of food.
  7. Invite an unsaved neighbor over for dinner.
  8. Put together a care package for Missionaries.  Contact us here in missions and we can help with needs, addresses and how to mail them. 
  9. Stop by the local Boys and Girls club to see if your connect group can volunteer to clean up and do some landscape work.
  10. See if your Connect group can collect toys ( NEW TOYS PLEASE) or other things for kids at your local hospital.
  11. Have your Connect group collect supplies for a local homeless shelter.
  12. Do a single mom’s oil change service. The missions office can provide a list of names.
  13. Do a food drive for the food pantry here at the Liberty Hampton Campus.
  14. Contact the city to see if your Connect group can help clean up trash in a local park.
  15. Contact a local college to see if you can help clean up trash on their campus.
  16. Contact the local social services to see if there is an at risk family you can help with clothes, school supplies, or something else.
  17. Collect needed items for your local free medical clinic. We have a connection to the Newport News free clinic. Contact the mission ministry for more details. cbethea@libertylive.com
  18. See if your Connect group or families can clean up a local roadway, bus stop, or similar type area.
  19. See if your local school could use help in purchasing any school supplies, especially for families who cannot afford it.
  20. Contact your local Fire station to see if they have any needs you can meet.
  21. Check with your local school to see if you can help with some landscaping needs.
  22. Volunteer for a local charity event.
  23. Find out what skills you have in your group and use those to help someone in the community. For example, maybe your Connect group has several people with carpenter skills. See if there is someone in the community who may need a wheel chair ramp built or fixed, a porch railing repaired, or something else that requires carpenter skills.
  24. See if there are any cultural events in your city that you can help volunteer with as a Connect group.
  25. Conduct a free car wash, BUT make sure the signs say “No Donations Taken” or something similar. People have gotten tired of fund raising car washes and we want to make sure we serve the community Vs us taking from the community.
  26. Go out to lunch with a lost co-worker to build that relationship further and pay for it.
  27. Invite another family on your child’s sports team to church or over for lunch.
  28. Talk to your neighbors, build the relationship and share Jesus with them.
  29. Bake cookies and bring them to your child’s teachers.
  30. Go to a nursing home and visit with lonely people. Many homes would love to have you engage the residents in some form or fashion.
  31. Music Skills: Contact a nursing home to see if you can come in and lead worship one Sunday afternoon for a church service or do a concert for the residents.
  32. Medical Skills: Those with medical skills could offer those skills to a local volunteer organization or clinic. One suggestion is the Community Free Clinic of Newport News. You can contact Scott Kern (Who is a Liberty Member)  to see how you can use your medical skills at the clinic. They are always in need of doctors and nurses willing to help see patients. Their web site is: www.cfcnn.org
  33. Talk to a local nursing home to see what needs they may have or services that your connect group can do for the residents. ( We have one Connect group that has engaged a local nursing home and God is doing great things through this Connect group. They are now leading Bible studies in the nursing home, loving on the workers, visiting the residents each week, and more. )
  34. Ask your waitress or waiter if you can pray for them before the meal. Leave a good tip!
  35. Go to a laundry mat and pay for someone’s laundry. Sit with them and share your testimony.
  36. Sit next to someone who is alone in public and listen to their story. Share Jesus with them.
  37. Visit the same coffee shop and get to know your barista. Ask them if you can pray for them.
  38. Have a hobby? Join a club.  Seek to be the light of Christ in that club engaging them for the long haul.
  39. Take your dog to a dog park. Casually strike up a conversation with another dog owner and share what you believe about Jesus.
  40. Invite your neighbors over to a backyard grill out party. Share a little devotional before the meal.
  41. Organize a class on how to budget money and offer it in your community, at your home or local community center.
  42. Organize a seminar on how to have a healthy marriage.
  43. Host a craft night for your neighborhood.
  44. Invite a group of lost friends to go on a fishing trip.
  45. Invite a group of lost friends to play ultimate Frisbee.
  46. Throw a block party for your neighborhood and have your Connect group serve the people of that neighborhood.
  47. Offer free babysitting to your neighborhood or lost coworkers for a date night. Be intentional about building a relationship with the families and ask to pray with them when they pick the kids up.
  48. Go door to door in a specific neighborhood and share the Gospel.