LLHR – Training


llhr-coverGeneral Concepts

While most of what we do is common sense, we would like to share some things that we ask each of you to point out to your teams to please make sure to consider.

  • Please make sure to NOT be alone with anyone in the community. Especially with children or the opposite sex. Our goal is to help people but not to be unwise when it comes to working with those in need. 
  • Be very positive about what you are doing. We want to really reflect Christ in all we do. 
  • Please do not make negative comments about where you are serving. Sometimes situations are difficult and very different from what you may be accustomed to. There may be situations that are not the best, but those types of situations they may not be able to help it, they may feel trapped. We want to encourage them that God loves them and so do we.
  • Be a servant to the best of your ability.
  • Please dress modestly, specifically wearing your Liberty t-shirt! 
  • Do look for opportunities to share what Jesus has done in your life.

Sharing the Gospel

Here are some video’s about the vision behind small groups and LLHR

  1. Austin Stone Church , Matt Carter – Community Groups and mission
  2. Summit Church – J.D. Greear – Unleashing the Church
  3. IMB President – David Platt – Making Disciples  It is not about one person but every person.

If you are not sure how to share the gospel, here are some helps.

  1. Three Circles Gospel Presentation – Quick video on how to make a Gospel presentation.
  2. Video by Theologian DA Carson  – This is a video that is a little more intellectual in nature.
  3. Matt Chandler – Simple statements of what the gospel is.
  4. What it the Gospel – This is simple written text of the gospel with supporting scripture.
  5. What is the Gospel – John Piper and Desiring God share the basic idea of the gospel.

A Fun Look at Ministry – What Not to Do in Ministry

  1. We are lifeguards
  2. Rookie at the Fire station
  3. Preacher Beeper – A funny look at doing all of us being a minister.


Concepts we would ask that you please consider when doing a community project.



  • Please make no promises as to what Liberty will do to help people in the future. We want to help people, but, we cannot help everyone. Many times church members (well meaning Church members) will send people to the church to get help and we simply are not able to meet those needs. This creates frustrations on the part of the people and create ill will toward God and his people.
    • The best way to handle a situation would be to get some contact information, then contact us in the missions ministry later. We would be able to tell you what we can and cannot do.
    • I would also consider helping them yourself, if possible. Many times people look to institutions to help others, yet Christ looks to His body (Church) , His people, to accomplish things.