Adopt a Community



Adopt a Community is Liberty’s local ministry initiative to go make disciples of those in our communities.  Connect Groups are encouraged to adopt a geographical area to do 3 Things:

  1. PRAY for the area.
  2. Begin to ENGAGE in ministry projects at each location.
  3. Finally the GO step we hope to see disciples made. We are asking every Connect group to consider adopting an area and  begin praying for the people in their adopted community.


To find out how you can get engaged in this new project please contact Christine Bethea at 826-2110 Ext 313. or you can e-mail her at

There is an unattributed quote that holds a profound principle stating, “One should never initiate anything that he cannot saturate with prayer.” Before we initiate, we want to go before God with deep seeded prayer. We provide resources and ideas of how your Connect Group can saturate your adopted area in prayer.


After a class has prayed for their ministry, the next phase will be to engage. Each Connect group will decide on what God is leading them to do for the community they have adopted. Ideas are limitless and can include things such as: mentoring students with homework, teaching a class on financial planning, spending time with the elderly in a nursing home, or maybe just mowing someone’s lawn. The goal of this phase is to build relationships. Simply walking the streets of a neighborhood to prayer over and meet people is a great way to start a relationship. God uses these relationships to lead us to how we can engage our community for outreach.


As relationships are being built through Engaging the community, sharing Jesus should come naturally. As people come to know Jesus as their personal Savior we want to continue the process of making a disciples by hosting a community group in the specific area being ministered to. In this community group new believers will be taught what following Jesus truly means.


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