Mission Trips

Welcome to Liberty Mission Trips. This is a brief summary page to share a little about our trips.

Purpose?  The purpose of our trips is to:

  • Support partnerships that we have domestically and around the world and help them carry out their tasks.
  • Train members on universal mission principles so they can be missional wherever they go.
  • Cast vision so that the members of Liberty can have a heart for the Great Commission and to be a church that joyfully sends people into the world.


How to Decide to go ?

  • Pray – God will show you through the scripture, your circumstances and your desires if you should go.
  • If married , discuss it with your spouse. We believe that God works in unison when it comes to issues like this.
  • Fill out an application here.


Questions that are asked? 

  • Is it dangerous?
    • We never willfully send people into harms way or places where we think it is dangerous.
    • We also do not shy away from taking the gospel to places that need it most and where some people might be afraid to go. ( Communist or Muslim countries)
    • No where in scripture does it talk about only going to perceived “safe” places.
  •  Where does the money come from for the trip?
    • We ask participants to pay what they can. God blesses us for a reason and if the personal finances are available then we believe each person should use their own money.
    • If the money is not available then we teach you how to raise support.
    • Most people end up with a combination of their own money and raising support.