Navajo Partnership

Navajo 2010Ten years ago Liberty began a partnership with a group of people in Gallup , New Mexico who are seeking to reach the Navajo people. Staying consistent with our strategy to invest long term in a place and a people group.  We started to see disciples made and God do amazing things. Since we began this partnership, working with several different local pastors, God has led many Navajo’s into a saving relationship with Jesus.

The Navajo people are an amazing people group and Gallup, New Mexico is an fascinating town. Situated in the high desert of New Mexico at 7000 ft. above sea level, Gallup is home to a mix of several cultures.  Our task is to come alongside the local ministers to take the gospel into the Navajo. We participate in trips, training, and also help supply need materials to reach the Navajo people.

Many times the strategies we use to reach people overseas are very applicable to reaching the Navajo. Things like storying or using primarily oral methods to train leaders is common among the Navajo. To find out more please contact the team leader, Joe Hunt at


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