Meet Our Missionaries

imagesJim & Jennifer* – Northern Africa.  Jim & Jennifer have 3 kids, 2 girls and 1 boy, all under the age of 7. They serve in a very difficult place where temperatures can sometimes reach 125 degrees. The village they live in is mainly made up of mud huts with no paved roads. They serve as medical personnel running a medical clinic and doing mobile clinics when possible. They have been in the field for approximately 3 years. The country they serve in is one of the poorest countries in the world and the most difficult to live in.

El_Salvador12Kurt Ackermann – El Salvador.  Kurt is a long time Liberty members and have been in El Salvador for over 15 years. Growing up on the Peninsula Kurt  had his own business prior to being called to serve the orphans of El Salvador. He also serves among the poor helping develop job opportunities, feeding the homeless, while sharing the love of Christ. You can read more about his ministry here.

imagesJohn and Susan* –  Africa.  John & Susan have been in this part of the world for over 10 years. They are from Georgia and are big GA Tech fans. They have four grown children and several grand kids in several different states. John and Susan answered the call to be full time missionaries later in life after retiring. God has blessed this couple richly as they have sought to share the gospel with people who previously had no access. In addition to serving their community doing projects for schools and medical work, John and Susan have also been teaching underground pastors theology and helping them to grow in their knowledge of the scriptures. In this Muslim heavy culture God has seen fit to bless them with  new believers hungry to hear the message of Jesus. Please pray as they seek to take the gospel to people who have little to no access to Jesus.

imagesJack and Rhonda * – West Africa.  Jack and Rhonda are our new missionaries that we partner with.  While they did not originate from our church we have grown to love this family. They have 3 small children all under the age of 8. The are serving in West Africa seeking to serve the community they live in. They do several ministries like English camps, basketball, children’s camp’s and prayer walking, all while sharing the message of the gospel. The place they live, while primarily Muslim, is very open to dialogue. The people in this country pride themselves on how well Muslims and Christians get along.  Jack and Rhonda are new to this area and are still learning the local language. Please pray as they learn language and labor to share the gospel.

imagesLindsey Jernnigan – Uganda.  Lindsey has been a long time member of Liberty. She is a graduate of Liberty University with a degree in nursing. Lindsey is currently working with an organization called Serving His Children. You can read about where Lindsey is serving here.


Brody and Lanae* – Eastern Europe.  Brody is a long time Image result for clip art eastern europemember of Liberty, He met Lanae at Liberty University while working on his undergrad.  They have three children, all under the age of 10.  They, as a family, are planting their lives in Eastern Europe where they will work to plant churches.  Eastern Europe is a land filled with cultural Orthodoxy and Islam; however, even though the people identify themselves by religious affiliation they are more atheistic and agnostic in their belief.  Pray for Brody and Lanae as they learn the language and that God would begin working on the hearts of those with whom they will come into contact.


* Many of our missionaries serve in difficult places. To protect them and those they work with many will have pseudo names.

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