Our Mandate: Go

I was looking at some old video’s we did a while back and came across this one. While we are not huge pro’s at video the message in this video is central to the great commission and what we seek to do here at Liberty.

BTW, Jane in this video is going back with us in July to Africa ! Way to go Jane.

Thanks for DNOW !

I realize I am biased, but we do have the best student ministry around. They not only serve the Lord but they have fun doing it.  This past Saturday they packed 2600 boxes of food to give away to the community as part of their DNOW mission project.  It rained and slowed us down a bit but wow, our disaster relief team, students and adult leaders went with the flow and made it work. What a great group of people we have at Liberty and that I am blessed to serve alongside.

Thanks to Rob Turner, here are a few pics from this past Saturday. The boxes will be given away Easter weekend to those who call in and register.

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Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

tumblr_m6xui6x37O1qhmhdfo1_500There is a video I love from Francis Chan filmed in 2006. It starts out with Francis on a balance beam. The video is an analogy of how many Christians are so afraid of life that they can miss God . It always challenges me & reminds me that God is a God of challenges. ( Click here to see the video)  Many times He will allow us to be pushed beyond what we thought we were capable of to show us that He is the capable of getting us through and providing for us.  Some people get so afraid of stepping out of the box , that they miss some amazing things God has in store for them.

That is why I want to challenge you to go on one of our mission trips. I would even challenge you to go one of our more unreached places. God is working in crazy ways around the world. Like the team in Africa that saw a Muslim man come to Christ. The Muslim has a dream about Jesus and went and sought out our team who shared the gospel with him. He accepted Christ right there.

Or like the rough motorcycle rider on the Indian Reservation who followed one of our guys driving a van for 45 minutes. When our guy stopped he pulled up to the driver’s side window and asked, ” Do you believe what it says on the back of your van.” Of course our guy had no idea what was on the back since he was driving a van of the church we were doing the mission trip with. The back of the van said ” Jesus Saves”.

The rider said ” I have been trying to find someone for 12 years who could tell me how Jesus saves.” Our guy share the gospel and the rider accepted Christ on the side of the road!

Don’t miss out . See what God is up to around the world.

You can find some of our trips right here.