Everest basecamp

Everything has a starting point. Take mountain climbing for example. If you plan to hike up a mountain like Mt. Everest you don’t start half way to the top. You start at a basecamp where you can be acclimated to the altitude and the weather. In order to be successful in climbing to your goal, you will need a solid foundation and preparation that basecamp offers.

The same principle applies to Missions. In order to create a solid foundation in our Mission efforts we have created “BASECAMP”.

What is Basecamp ? Basecamp is a class that will cover the basic ideas in Liberty Missions. In Basecamp we will cover:

  1. The Biblical basis of Missions and how that plays into what we do at Liberty.
  2. We will cover the why behind what we do in Missions both internationally and locally.
  3.  We will cover the primary things you will need to learn in order to go on a mission trip with Liberty such as passports, shots, and raising money to go and more.
  4. This class is required for all new people planning to take a Mission trip with Liberty Baptist.

The class will be offered on each campus a few times each year. Below is a schedule for the initial rounds of Basecamp.  There is also a reservation form here you can fill out to attend (Space is limited)

Classes are now being scheduled for the fall. As soon as those dates are confirmed we will post the date and times.