LibertyLive.Church Missions Team

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KEN MCLEMORE, Global Missions Pastor

Ken has been serving as our Missions pastor for the past 20 years. Ken loves to engage people in the mission field, especially young students - ASPIRING, ENCOURAGING, and EQUIPPING them to become CHRIST centered, GOSPEL proclaiming, and SERVICES oriented missionaries.



Jonathan dimanche, local missions pastor

Jonathan loves people and enjoy reaching out to share - LIFE - with them. His embracing of biblical HOSPITALITY has been proven to be fruitful in his effortS on local missions. Though his focus is on local missions, Jonathan would often pursue international mission trips in order to share the GOSPEL with the unreached.



Christine Bethea,Global Missions Ministry Assistant

Christine serves as our missions administrator. She ensures that all the logistics for Missions is completed in a timely manner and everything related to Missions is well planned. Christine loves people, especially our brothers and sisters in those indigenous countries who are suffering for the gospel - for she has endured much suffering herself. She has been called to Missions to provide the much needed support for both missionaries here and far away.